Friends & Family

friends and family

Here at Friends & Family we aim to give reassurance for those living alone and their families.

As the cost of private care continues to grow year on year, more and more people of retirement age are hoping to be able to stay in their own homes for longer. Staying safe at home is one of the biggest worries for those considering to do so.

With this in mind, our ethos is:
“Anything we can do to ensure someone can stay in their own home for longer, whilst staying safe, we will strive to achieve.”

This is where our idea for a range of simple to use and reliable alarm systems came to fruition. We have created a market leading range of solutions that require no professional installation whilst offering 1st class customer service and support.

Each product has been carefully developed towards a certain set of specifications allowing us to help you choose exactly the right product to keep you safe at home, for longer.

If you would like any further information on any of our products please feel free to contact our customer service team on 01635 588373.

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